Cochavi & Klein creates artistic ambiance light design solutions for the private and corporate architectural sectors,light installations, theatre, rock shows, private & corporate events.

Eli Cochavi & Eran Klein first met in 1996 where they worked side by side learning the craft of lighting.

Since 2003 when Imagine was born, we designed and gave life to projects in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Turkey, Monaco, France, Greece , Cypress, the Maldives, as well as hundreds of events in Israel.

Our goal is to complete the harmony of the whole design using imagination,
daring & attention for detail, relying on our experience, care, professional approach & love for lighting.

We believe our advantage is our unique way of conceiving light, "out of the box" thinking, the way we interact with light in live situations and imagination.

We use light to effect emotions and tell stories, and that is why we design light for any purpose.

Looking forward for our next challenge.

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