Often we encounter projects with a tight schedule. We now have a professional tool to preprogram shows and achieve high standard results.
BACK ROOM is a preprogramming studio located in the new design district of Tel Aviv.
Imagine lighting design, Shay Bonder & Ronen Nagar joined to create the ultimate space and team for this technology.
WYSIWYG is a software designed for the professional entertainment industry lighting designers and programmers.
The process begins with building a 3D model of the venue and the design.
We are able to roam the venue and see realistic views of audience, cameras and performers perspectives. This allows us to examine the plan and learn of problems.
We then proceed to program the show incorporating all aspects such as dynamic scenery,drapes,motorized truss systems,acrobats,bands,Video screens,LED modules of all kinds, music, bands, performers or any other aspect.
The software is fully compatible with leading lighting consoles and and video servers allowing us to see realistic results of our design as we program and make decisions.

Using this tool and the right team ensures your production a better outcome.
Preprogramming is the most efficient tool for Directors and designers to fullfil their visions.